Monday, September 20, 2010

STROBE - New Works By Kevin Tran 2010

TheRipeCollective was recently invited to "Strobe" a Solo Exhibition by Kevin Tran at China Heights Gallery, Surry Hills Sydney
Kevin's body of work is outstanding & this collection of Intergalactic pieces just proves his ingenious, original, creativity.
Opening Night was energetic & the Old Authentic appeal of the China Heights Gallery Space, added to the mastery of Kevin's Work.
TheRipeCollective is proud to announce, Kevin Tran as an official Ripe Member.
There is no doubt that Kevin's Inventive Style & Artistic Aptitude will bade well with in the Collective.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Brilliant Australian Custom T-Shirt Design House Lorna & Jack have been creating innovative original T-Shirts since their conception.
The T-Shirts feature insightful, strong, aesthetic fabric designs, hand crafted in unique configurations.
All of the T-Shirts are made from 100% organic, sweat shop free T-Shirts... Right On.
TheRipeCollective is proud too announce Lorna & Jack as an official Ripe Member.
We are looking forward to creating "Collaborative Magic".
Here is a extract for the Lorna & Jack Website.
Lorna&Jack was born at our place. It is small and much loved, just like our family and we treat it and all who wear Lorna&Jack, with all the love, respect and kindness that there entitled to.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


WOW, TGB what a motley crew of intersecting views on what really is the underlying message in most media feed BS. From the Staunch view of the all mighty seen through the eyes of the Old Testament.. A must see............ To the parodies of such greats as Dragon Ball Z doing the Numa Numa Song... TheRipeCollective is proud to welcome TGB as an official member of Ripe
Keep producing the craziness Gentlemen.. We Heart It A Lot.

Check out the You Tube Links Below::


December 2009, TheRipeCollective took part in The Finders Keepers Summer Markets.. Ripe was asked to contribute works for the HappenStance Gallery which featured as a sub-part to the FKM. Above; a selection of photographs depicting the walk through masses. Great coverage overall, strange & some what disjointed artistic community appeal.???