Saturday, August 20, 2011

////EM AUGUST\\\\

With the approaching spring, the air is heavy with perfume of inspiration, the sound of pens scratching on paper and the tap, tap of the keyboard and mouse grows increasingly frequent and the early bird gets the worm – HELLO – August EM! 

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Ripe would like to Introduce Dale Keogh to The Experimental Mental's Fold - Excited - And Then Some.


Dale Keogh  ' exit the centipede '  (c) 2011

Dale Keogh  ' wip01 '  (c) 2011
Dale Keogh  ' wip01 '  (c) 2011

Dale Keogh  ' wip02 '  (c) 2011

Dale Keogh  ' wip03 '  (c) 2011

Dale Keogh  ' Untitled - 2 '  (c) 2011


Steven Pennington  ' squid '  (c) 2011
Steven Pennington  ' space butt '  (c) 2011


ANT  ' Fame Whore '  (c) 2011

ANT  ' Eye Candy '  (c) 2011

ANT  ' aaaaaaaaahhhhh '  (c) 2011


GIBBS  ' PAST PRODUCT 1 '  (c) 2011

GIBBS  ' PAST PRODUCT 2 '  (c) 2011

GIBBS  ' SM35 '  (c) 2011


Marcus Jan Csomor  ' aND bEAM aND wATER aND rICE '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' totalitarian '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' MowerSaftey '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' David Carsons WHAT ! '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' ruberROID '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' iAMwATCHinYU '  (c) 2011

Marcus Jan Csomor  ' Mechanical Condition '  (c) 2011

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The very interesting work of Joram Roukes

Ripe has been doing a lot of research lately and once again we found another little treasure to share with you - Joram Roukes  Whilst not all his work strikes a chord with us, it isn’t without merit, Joram is a very talented painter and we look forward to seeing what he produces in the future.

We pick out our favs for your viewing pleasure!

Roukes' large scaled oil paintings refer to the moral dilemmas one may find himself in, viewing today's western society. Through experience by participation Joram Roukes reflects not necessarily an opinion on society's flaws or faux in his work, but rather observes and reports on typical western phenomena, leaving judgement up to the viewer, who thereby, establish their own position in these matters.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

\\::The talented Lou Ros:://

Ripe has just stumbled upon this little gem and we just had to share it! In fact, it's so good we decided to give a drum roll......*Ddddddddddddddddd-Da-De-DUM!*

Ripe presents the mega talented Lou Ros and we love Lou's deconstructed portraits, with lashings of the self imposed (carefully selected/altered images) glamour of the Internet dating sites participants and just the slightest hum of disturbing. (let's face it, Internet date sites are kinda creepy) Each work is beautiful crafted and expertly executed, Ripe is in love all over again. 

What about the image we give of ourselves online ? This series examines the ability to hide whilst making believe that we reveal ourselves. I took the example of a dating site and noticed that some members have photos of themselves surrounded by friends or family whose faces are blotted out with white oval masks.

According to the websites rules, you are only allowed to show one person in your picture which is intended to attract your prince charming or your one night stand. I wondered why they hadn't simply taken a photo of themselves alone? Why would someone use a photo where they had to blot out a family member or a friend ? The reason clearly isn't resentment but the desire to show, at any cost, this random photo that makes them feel good-looking.

The need to please on these dating sites enabled me to find compelling images that I wanted to recreate in my painting.
Ahh Lou if only we could have on for the Office!

Monday, August 1, 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite // City Library Melbourne

TheRipeCollective recently visited one of it's Onsite Motion Graphic Pieces at City Library Melbourne.


RipeMotion ... City /// FLipfLoPs & caNDYfLoSs

RipeMotion // LOGO (c) 2011

RipeMotion // ScreenGrab 01 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // ScreenGrab 02 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // ScreenGrab 03 (c) 2011

RipeMotion - City /// Original Master Render - 1.20 min of 13 min

RipeMotion // City - (c) 2011

RipeMotion - City ///  Onsite Photo Documentation

RipeMotion // Onsite - Photo - Doc - 01 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite - Photo - Doc - 02 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite - Photo - Doc - 03 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite - Photo - Doc - 04 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite - Photo - Doc - 05 (c) 2011

RipeMotion /// City - OnSite Footage Documentation

RipeMotion // Onsite - Footage Doc - 01 (c) 2011

RipeMotion // Onsite - Footage Doc - 02 (c) 2011

Ripe would like to thank the staff at City Library Melbourne for displaying
RipeMotion's 'City' Motion Piece over the past Two Weeks. Ripe would also like to thank Maha Jago for the bang up job he did on the 'Film Shoot'.. Looking forward to Future Positive Collaborations with you Maha....