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EM is digital butchers paper - an open platform were anything goes, no rules, no formulas, no rights and no wrongs - just pure expressions and experimentation's showcasing the power of imagination. What you'll see each month is a digital documentary of the creative process, a celebration of the little paths we take and those we discover on the way to achieving the final product – the big picture.

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Ant "Untitled", 2011 ©

Ant "Untitled", 2011 ©


MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "HammerHead", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "The One & Only", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor "Untitled", 2011 ©

MarcusJanCsomor:"Ghost of an Art Director", 2011©


StevenPennington "Untitled", 2011 ©

StevenPennington "Untitled", 2011 ©

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Artist:::Shepard Fairey

Ripe was just browsing through its favorite magazines webpage JUXTAPOZ and came across this article (naturally being a huge fan of SF work we felt a sense of duty to spread the news)

Although it seems like it has gone on forever, Shepard Fairey, the artist responsible for the now uber-iconic Barack Obama "Hope" image, has settled out of court with the Associated Press.

As the LA Times wrote earlier today, "Artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press confirmed Wednesday that they are settling out of court their legal case that involves Fairey's "Hope" poster depicting then-Sen. Barack Obama. But a lawyer for the AP added that the news organization is still pursuing its case against Obey Clothing, in which Fairey is a partner and that has reproduced the image on various items of clothing.

Fairey's poster of Obama was inspired by a photograph taken by an AP freelancer in 2006. The AP subsequently accused the Los Angeles artist of copyright infringement, with Fairey maintaining that it falls under fair-use laws."

There is no information about the details of the settlement, but this must come as a relief to Shepard Fairey, as he does not hav e to face trial over the image. Wedo know that Shepard will not use an AP image again, without licensing.

Some people are doers, some people are suers...

So one thinks that if Shepard Fairey had received zip (in all senses of accolades/fame) this law suit would have never happened and Hope would be rotting away and/or sprayed over on in that little alley way.... seen only by a few who bother to look...... Greed does funny things -AP

Saturday, January 8, 2011




WOW.. It’s a collection of Classically Tuned, Techno Verve, Beautifully Manufactured to represent the insides of the computational… It’s every Graphic Nerds dream, electronically driven/ circuit-mental 303 THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. Pumping WAHHH/WAHH from the 808 EIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. Musically Graphic & intricately conceived.

Just an Optic Splice::

Track number 9: The Outlands a 17th Century Overture to the classically balanced motherboard of conception. The intense build up of violas the deep rumble of bass & as the crescendo breaks, there's just a of touch of computational remembrance …

There’s a break ; Movie Score Style & Adagio For Tron Track 10 begins.

“Adagio, (a tempo marking indicating, that the music is to be played slowly) a brilliant inception, truly a full frontal compose of 18th century violin, string, vividly PUNKED to Inter-Galactic Proportions & then there’s a.


0100001001001100010000010100100001001000 Fuck I wish I was Binary enough to understand what those one’s & zero’s represent. ONE CAN DREAM.

Solar Sailor flicks through the digital waves of sub-consciousness, quietly building to the RECTIFIER… FAR OUT.. VIOLOINC POWER… OPERATIC INTENSIVENESS…. The rest of the SoundScape is :} ..


“In their introduction, the editors of the published proceedings of the meeting highlighted both groups’ contributions, pointing out that ‘this volume introduces such important advances as” mark & destroy” DNA algorithms and the use of surface chemistry in DNA computing”1. 303 ----- 808 TECHNO --- TECHNOOOOOOO…… WAAAAAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…. & THEN..


“What happens when machines become more intelligent than humans? One view is that this event will be followed by an explosion to ever greater levels of intelligence, as each generation of machines creates more intelligent machines in turn. This intelligence explosion is now often known as the ‘singularity’.

The singularity idea requires that an AI be a classical computational system or even that it be a computational system at all. For example, Penrose (like Lucas) holds that the brain is not an algorithmic system in the ordinary sense, but he allows that it is a mechanical system that relies on certain non-algorithmic quantum processes. Dreyfus holds that the brain is not a rule-following symbolic system, but he allows that it may nevertheless be a mechanical system that relies on sub-symbolic processes (for example, connectionist processes). If so, then these arguments give us no reason to deny that we can build artificial systems that exploit the relevant non-algorithmic quantum processes, or the relevant sub symbolic processes, and that thereby allow us to simulate the human brain.

Another method that is not obviously extendible is brain emulation. Beyond a certain point, it is not the case that if we simply emulate brains better, then we will produce more intelligent systems. So brain emulation on its own is not clearly a path to AI+. It may nevertheless be that brain emulation speeds up the path to AI+. For example, emulated brains running on faster hardware or in large clusters might create AI+ much faster than we could without them. We might also be able to modify emulated brains in significant ways to increase their intelligence. We might use brain simulations to greatly increase our understanding of the human brain and of cognitive processing in general, thereby leading to AI+. But brain emulation will not on its own suffice for AI+: if it plays a role, some other path to AI+ will be required to supplement it”.2

For further insightful philosophical analysis please read

David J. Chalmers, The Singularity A Philosophical Analysis & listen to DAFT PUNK’S // TRON: LEGACEY SOUNDSCAPE….

1. Martyn Amos, Genesis Machines, The New Science of Biocomputing, Great Britain, 2006, p. 193.

2. David J. Chalmers, The Singularity A Philosophical Analysis, 2010,


“After finally establishing a plausible argument for the biological viability of our ‘mark and destroy’ operation, we decided to sketch out a simple algorithm, showing how it would operate on successively smaller populations of strands, until what we were left with was an answer to the problem. At this point, we encountered what we thought was a basic flaw in our plan- an error so fundamental and so obvious that it would make this global”.1

The problem was that our operation had been undermined by the necessities of everyday life...

Working to pay the HECS debt off, working to pay the astronomical sums of rent, working to provide the MACHINE…. Double strand recumbent DNA is making our inability to facilitate a productive creative working environment, more prevalent in inter-sectional, departmental, flip flops.

I say old chap when was the last time you investigated the possibility of being creative. Time restrictive petulance has overwhelmed insight & productivity. It has under-minded……


Then a bit of extensional number variable cosmetic string theory.



Really What is creativity.. It’s amazing what you will find face to face, what’s going on could this be my understanding, it’s not my fault I was being too demanding… Alpha Mental… But when I faced you in my blind confusion… FACE TO FACE.. ALPHA MENTAL….Owwww, Owwww ,Owww, Owww, Owww… & then the bells rang… Music got me feeling so free, we gonna celebrate.. CREATIVE –LY, celebrate & dance for free..


1.Martyn Amos, Genesis Machines, The New Science of Biocomputing, Great Britain, 2006, p. 191.