Saturday, January 8, 2011


WOW.. It’s a collection of Classically Tuned, Techno Verve, Beautifully Manufactured to represent the insides of the computational… It’s every Graphic Nerds dream, electronically driven/ circuit-mental 303 THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…. Pumping WAHHH/WAHH from the 808 EIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.. Musically Graphic & intricately conceived.

Just an Optic Splice::

Track number 9: The Outlands a 17th Century Overture to the classically balanced motherboard of conception. The intense build up of violas the deep rumble of bass & as the crescendo breaks, there's just a of touch of computational remembrance …

There’s a break ; Movie Score Style & Adagio For Tron Track 10 begins.

“Adagio, (a tempo marking indicating, that the music is to be played slowly) a brilliant inception, truly a full frontal compose of 18th century violin, string, vividly PUNKED to Inter-Galactic Proportions & then there’s a.


0100001001001100010000010100100001001000 Fuck I wish I was Binary enough to understand what those one’s & zero’s represent. ONE CAN DREAM.

Solar Sailor flicks through the digital waves of sub-consciousness, quietly building to the RECTIFIER… FAR OUT.. VIOLOINC POWER… OPERATIC INTENSIVENESS…. The rest of the SoundScape is :} ..

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Anonymous said...

Just saw Tron the Legacy - loved the principle! also love your work on it - thank you