Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Artist:::Shepard Fairey

Ripe was just browsing through its favorite magazines webpage JUXTAPOZ and came across this article (naturally being a huge fan of SF work we felt a sense of duty to spread the news)

Although it seems like it has gone on forever, Shepard Fairey, the artist responsible for the now uber-iconic Barack Obama "Hope" image, has settled out of court with the Associated Press.

As the LA Times wrote earlier today, "Artist Shepard Fairey and the Associated Press confirmed Wednesday that they are settling out of court their legal case that involves Fairey's "Hope" poster depicting then-Sen. Barack Obama. But a lawyer for the AP added that the news organization is still pursuing its case against Obey Clothing, in which Fairey is a partner and that has reproduced the image on various items of clothing.

Fairey's poster of Obama was inspired by a photograph taken by an AP freelancer in 2006. The AP subsequently accused the Los Angeles artist of copyright infringement, with Fairey maintaining that it falls under fair-use laws."

There is no information about the details of the settlement, but this must come as a relief to Shepard Fairey, as he does not hav e to face trial over the image. Wedo know that Shepard will not use an AP image again, without licensing.

Some people are doers, some people are suers...

So one thinks that if Shepard Fairey had received zip (in all senses of accolades/fame) this law suit would have never happened and Hope would be rotting away and/or sprayed over on in that little alley way.... seen only by a few who bother to look...... Greed does funny things -AP

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