Monday, June 1, 2009

Gráfica Real: The Ripe Interview

Gráfica Real is a project started in January 2009 as a means to document and highlight all the amazing design, art, and aesthetically outstanding web sites and resources.

Founding youngster Samuel Jesse is a graduate of Digital Media, currently studying Multimedia Design at Swinburne University - Melbourne, Australia . “I am a graphic / multimedia designer who is heavily influenced by the world of aesthetics and music. I have a background of visual arts, silver & goldsmithing, photography, graffiti and stencil art.”

We hope to grow the site in to a community to showcase artists and for new artists to gain knowledge. With time, and your help I think it will find it’s natural path to be an amazing resource.

The Ripe Collective is the current feature in Gráfica Real, Check it out:- Gráfica Real

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