Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank You Julian

Thank you Julian, you say it as it is

But according to some governments, that is not on!

In this day and age, it is more common for those governments to freely feed their public the crap that they dish out, day in and day out.

As freedom of speech and information is not to be tolerated! Understand?

When it comes to information, we may be guilty of letting our governments lead us down a blindfolded path, and if we do not demand free-dom of dissemination - if we allow governments to dictate to us the content of what we should be informed about, we may well be guilty of self stupidity.

We should be so lucky! It is not often that we are privy to the kind of detailed factual information about the comings and goings of governments, full of facts and embellishment free of the government media press releases.

Now Julian Assange is being hunted down by governments that simply want to shut him up ... the question is – why? And why is Australia included in that?

Assange is an Australian citizen, the internet is a vehicle for information dissemination, and it seems even more incredible that the Australian government, under the guise of Julia Gillard and Robert McClelland, want to have Assange’s passport canceled! What, for publishing information, on the internet?

In Australia, and not that long ago, the former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and his office were accused of leaking a document on Iraq war whistleblower; and now federal MP Andrew Wilkie to conservative columnist Andrew Bolt? [1]So, Mr Downer and his staff, and Mr Bolt for that matter, should also have had their passports cancelled if they were all proven to have been involved in a leak of a sensitive document!

I love and enjoy the freedom of speech and freedom of information afforded to everyone in Australia under our democratic system. The day this is no longer available, I might as well immigrate to Russia.


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