Saturday, June 11, 2011

Experimental Mental's SUBMISSION CALLOUT //

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EM is digital butchers paper - an open platform were anything goes, no rules, no formulas, no rights and no wrongs - just pure expressions and experimentation's showcasing the power of imagination. 

Experimental Mental’s is all about documenting the process, a celebration of the little paths we take and those we discover on the way to achieving the final product – the big picture.

What we are after is a little something from you, yup, that’s right, your experiments, your visual diary entries, the little scribbles and notes to self on scarp paper, napkins, the back of shopping dockets etc. The experiments that went right and even the ones that went wrong – EM knows no rules and has no bounds, it’s all about the imagination and everything that it involves.

So.... Experimental Mental's is a Monthly Artist Submission OutLet showcasing Artists of all Visual Genres. Each Month on the First Saturday of the Month artists will be ask to submit their work so that by the following weekend the Second Saturday of that Month the work can be Launched - ShowCased on TheRipeCollective™ Blog.. This ShowCase will run on a monthly basis till the end of the year.

What will Experimental Mental's do for you - Monthly Exposure on TheRipeCollective™ Blog, having your work published and your work exhibited Australia wide with the intention of Experimental Mental's Exhibiting Internationally.

For further information on the EM project, please follow the link listed below
which includes the submission guidelines and deadlines or get in contact with Ripe directly by email at

TheRipeCollective Email Address

Submission Guidelines

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