Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Owen Gibbons

(Lets go and make love like drunk dogs)


Being the son of an architect and a nephew of an artist, I became familiar from an early age with pencils, ink pens, paint, rulers, crayons (mmmmdidn’t they taste great back then) and, of course, the brilliant stuff we call paper. Away I went drawing and doodling monsters, funny animals, people and whatever popped into mind.

When the time came to further my education, I was asked that famous question that usually ended with Fireman: “Now, son, what are you going to do in life? You can’t sit around drawing monsters all day. How about you study graphic design?” Now, I had no idea what the hell this ‘graphic design’ was but I challenged myself and threw my little soul into a course of visual arts and graphic design. I didn’t mind it at first as I still had the opportunity to doodle. But after a few semesters or so I found myself too involved with the design software I was learning that I strayed away from the drawing that I once loved: the computers had taken over, I had succumbed to the digital revolution and my career as a graphic designer had begun.

I have been designing professionally now for about 10 years. The work’s ok, I guess, and it definitely keeps my design skills up to date. But the brochures, graphs, banners and book layouts all become a little bland and tedious, so I have returned to my passion for drawing and illustration for my personal creative endeavours.

Nowadays my creativeness involves traditional illustration as well as digital design, mixing the two together to produce the work that I love. Utilising my software skills and my love for doodling/drawing, I build visual structures with scanned textures and drawings I have created, and add software effects and enhancements, digital painting, text – the list goes on. What a fun way to create artwork.

Owen Gibbons + TheRipeCollective = Ripe Friends

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