Thursday, November 25, 2010

Richard Denny



UK born and Melbourne based photographer and artist, Richard Denny, has a new exhibition open at 19Karen Contemporary Artspace on the Gold Coast.

Denny’s work is multi-faceted; combining enamel, acrylics, map and canvas cuttings and wood (to name a few) to create images of the diverse people and places that are his life.

This multi-layered territorial approach produces confronting yet reassuring wide-eyed portraits that hint at the layers and pathways of the mind and the ordered chaos of everyday life” – 19Karen

Denny graduated from Melbourne’s RMIT in 1995 and has since been working as a free-lance photographer and artist in Europe and Australia.

If you’re up that way, head on over the Mermaid Beach and take a look at these works. If not, have a squiz on the website:

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