Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Binary Code Pysco-Graphy

Recently Ripe posted a graphic representation of the H1N1 virus. In addition to the visual representation we also included a binary code representation which was sequenced without any real code referencing.

Just found out what the off- hand binary code looks like text formatted..



It’s a shame, we really thought the binary code would represent at least something text legible, although when you think about it.

what is H1N1?

Of course it’s been DNA mapped, which derives its genetic footprint, but how would that data look in binary code ASII? Could the DNA code simply be collated into Binary? Whenever you see rudimentary DNA code it’s been visually represented as punch card data?

Of course there’s the double helix, but in data form isn’t DNA Code Sequence graphically represented as Punch Card Data>


Just Googlayed “DNA Code Sequence” & found that Punch Card Data image. The correct terminology is a DNA Auto-radiogram.

So the question still stands, can a DNA Auto-radiogram be transcribed into Binary Code ASII? Fuck that let’s pump it to ‘Next Level Assemblage™’. How would you write Boards of Canada’s ‘The Campfire Headphase’ album in Binary Code?????

Is it possible to supplant emotion into Binary Code? & in this circumstance, could intense emotional experiences, such as a euphoric Techno Verve ™ experienced from a music source be represented in Binary Code?

Is it possible to equate transcendence with 1’s & 0’s?

Answer Please …

(Music Has The Right To Children, makes me want to catch a spaceship to NoWhere), I LOVE YOU :}

For serious Binary Code ASII translations visit.


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