Saturday, February 12, 2011

Underwater Sculptor

Jason de Cairis Talyor's underwater sculptures are moving, haunting and lets face ti unusual, not the subject matter but the location - somewhere in the ocean off Mexico.... whilst one can appreciate the magnificence's of the work and it is truly beautiful with its ephemeral surfaces (all work is made from materials that are durable, secure and environmentally sensitive) has any looked into fi there are any negative effects?? How about the sea floor in which these pieces are placed - are they obstructing other flora and fauna?

It's true that artificial reefs lifts the pressure off our natural reefs, which have been in many cases over fished and destroyed and Ripe can see the positive benefits that these sculptures now-come artificial reefs do provided and despite mixed feelings overall, Ripe would still love to suit up and dive down to see these visual marvels.

Ripe recommends you check out his site for more details.

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